Do you want to train better and efficiently on your own terms?

I am Manuel Montes and since I was 30 I’ve been fighting Parkinson’s disease. My struggles to keep my energy, effort and motivation is what triggered me to come up with something that could help not only me but everyone who may be in need of this product for diverse purposes.

I began this amazing adventure in 2016, and together with Michael Pérez we choose inertial technology to develop Handy Gym, the smallest gym in the world, as first did NASA to keep astronauts fit in a zero-gravity environment.

I know how difficult it is to keep train or frequently go to gym, you need to be motivated, and you never know when you may be. This is what Handy Gym helps to ease. Handy Gym will help you workout wherever, whenever, and however you want.

In 2019 we started a crowdfunding campaign and Handy Gym™ had a great success: was backed by more than 550 people and achieved a figure of $400.000 between both Kickstater and InDemand crowdfunding platforms.

Today we have positive feedback from over 2000 clients from all over the world.

Handy Gym™ have been developed together with the Spanish University of Vigo and thanks to the experience and advise of expert personal trainers. Handy Gym™ is fully designed and manufactured in Spain, with high quality materials.

Get Handy Gym Today, I know You’ll Love It.

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“I have no doubt! The device is purely terrific and exceptional!

It’s outstanding, the workout based on eccentric contractions has incredible results at a physiological level”

Paulino Granero
Physical trainer for Russian National Soccer Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Handy Gym is a professional device that uses inertial technology to generate different levels of resistance, so you can perform very effective concentric and eccentric muscle work without weightlifting or elastic bands.

This type of training provides many benefits and is used for muscle improvement, body strengthening and injury prevention.

Mueller Sports Medicine is the official Distributor of Handy Gym in the U.S.

You can train any muscle group specifically or perform compound exercises for a full body workout.

The Encoder connects to the app via Wireless Connection (BT) and get real-time data of your training, generating statistics to measure your performance. The main data that you can receive are RPM, Strength, Power and Calories.

Shipments are made from our warehouse in Prairie Du Sac, WI. The delivery time will depend on the address destination and the customs procedures of each state.

Handy Gym has been designed and manufactured as a high quality device. If some manufacturing failure happens, the warranty covers the replacement of the product in the following periods from the purchase:

Handy Gym Base and components: 2 years

Handy Gym Accessories: 6 months

We want you to be happy with Handy Gym, but if you are not satisfied for any reason and you want to return the product, you have a 90-day period with a return guarantee. A product review should be done by the manufacturer.

The order can be paid by PayPal or Credit Card

How Handy Gym™ Works

When you pull the rope, the two removable discs generate a resistance of up to 220 lbs. This causes the internal comic pulley to spin and generate inertia that pulls the rope back.

The main body is built with high-quality, high-resistance plastic. It can be secured by a safety button to its handle, an anchoring system or the portable platform. A patented rope regulator prevents accidental impact.

How to use Handy Gym™

With Handy Gym, you can train all the muscles of your body by selecting the right accessory. Training with Handy Gym™ is easy.

Pull the rope using one of the included accessories, and then, once you have stopped pulling, resist the power generated by the inertia of the machine when pulling back the rope.

Thanks to the full range of accessories and anchoring included, you can go through a complete workout wherever and whenever you want. Handy Gym™ comes with a complete user manual and an App to let you obtain the best from your training.

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