• Product: object of the sale between seller and buyer.
  • Manufacturer: Global Traktus S.L.
  • Certified U.S. Distributor: Mueller Sports Medicine, Inc.
  • Customer/buyer: Person or business who bought the product
  • Warranty: agreement between seller and customer, to regulate cases of malfunctioning or damaged product.
  • Malfunction: faulty product or part of it, not depending from customer fault and not being consequence of customer actions. The product bought does not match the performance it is supposed to.
  • Performance: outcome the product is supposed to deliver, in terms of mechanic function of the product and its parts, accessories and components.
  • Damage: defect of the product, hidden or overt at the time of delivery, that makes it not matching with the product description of the seller, not depending from customer fault and not being consequence of customer actions.
  • Authorized service center: person or business authorized by the manufacturer or by a seller to receive, inspect, repair or substitute defective products.
  • Term: period since delivery, according to delivery terms, within which this warranty is valid
  • Original parts, accessories and components: the ones manufactured by the manufacturer or by third authorized parts, and used according to his/her instructions
  • Applying law: mandatory warranty regulations to be applied on the Territory according to the conditions of sale
  • Agreement: the set of regulations stated in this document

Buyer can claim his/her warranty rights within the Term period by contacting the Seller by email handygymus@muellersportsmed.com. Buyer should explain what happened to the product, describing the malfunction or damage and by sending photographs (or videos if so requested by the seller) of the product, in any cases, following the instructions of the buyer in order to clarify if there is a malfunctioning or damage of the product and, if so, if mentioned malfunctioning or damage is to be covered by the warranty.

If the seller finds the malfunctioning or damaged product is to be covered by the warranty, he/she will proceed according to the conditions detailed in this agreement.

If the seller finds the malfunctioning or damaged product is not to be covered by the warranty, according to limitations expressed in this agreement and/or by the applying law,  will inform the buyer and suggest a quotation to repair or, at his/her only discretion, to substitute the malfunctioning or damaged part, quotation which acceptance is to be considered not binding for the buyer.


This Agreement applies only to the sale of products in new condition in the EU or in a market where a certified dealer is established.


Seller undertakes – except for the cases specified in paragraph 5 below – in case of malfunction or damage to the product to replace defective parts or, at his/her only discretion, to replace the defective or damaged product, within the Term period.


Rectification of malfunctions, damages or delivery of replacement parts will take place within a reasonable time after the buyer notified the seller and, if so requested by seller, after the product have been made available for manipulation of an authorized service center. The reasonable time is determined by the nature of malfunction or damage, difficulties in determining causes, access to spare parts and engineering capacity.


Seller responsibility does not cover the product’s consumable parts and wear parts such as, for example, cable, ropes, cords, snap hooks, welded metal rings, rubber parts and anti-shock parts.

The warranty does not cover what is considered as normal wear and tear, normal corrosion, or defects in paint or other coating, discoloring, chipping or rust.

Also, the buyer may not claim reparations or product substitutions for malfunctions or damages when the Term have expired or when caused by:

  • customer acts or third parties (not related with the seller) acts by using the product not according with the instructions of the user manual.
  • the use without fulfilling all safety instruction as indicated by the manufacturer
  • the use of no original parts, components or accessories
  • reparations, alterations or restoring not made by an authorized service center
  • the use of the product posterior to the detection of malfunction or damages by the customer
  • the use of the product in ways and for scopes for which it is not designed or sized
  • the use without normal care
  • product abuse
  • the lack of the due maintenance as indicated by the manufacturer

Warranty will be valid for a maximum Term of 24 months, depending on the malfunctioning or damaged part, as follows:

  • Main machine body and base (excluding discs): 24 months
  • Portable platform: 12 months
  • Discs: 12 months
  • All other accessories and parts: 6 months (except the ones excluded according to other paragraphs of this agreement).

For repair of extensive defects, the buyer shall bring the product to a designated service center. Buyer shall, after the malfunctioning or damage has been remedied, pick up the product from the seller or the designated service center. The product can also be dispatched by the buyer to the seller or to the designated service center. Such shipping and handlings, from and to an authorized service center, shall be at the buyer’s sole risk and expense. Replacement parts which the buyer can be expected to replace on his/her own are delivered free of charge to the buyer.


For individual consumer, the limitation of liability will be according to the applying law. The buyer is therefore not entitled to compensation beyond what is covered according to paragraph 4. For commercial customers, manufacturer/seller liability is limited to what is stated in this agreement. The buyer, therefore, is not entitled to compensation for economic damages. Buyer is reminded, once again, the importance of the product being handled with care and in accordance with the operating manual’s instructions.