Inertial Technology

Did you know all elite sport businesses have an inertial machine in their gym?

Nowadays all professionals know the benefits of inertial technology training. It is the best for strengthening the muscles, recovery and injury prevention. Inertial technology was first used by NASA to keep astronauts fit in a zero-gravity

Handy Gym will be an amazing product for you, especially for personal use. It is the smallest inertial device in the market compared with traditional inertial machines that weigh around 25Lb. Handy Gym works thanks to two discs fixed on an axle and a conic pulley.

Movement is generated through pulling the rope, the spin of the discs generates resistance when you pull the rope (concentric workout), when you stop pulling the inertia generated by the device, it starts pulling back the rope to the machine, generating, again, resistance (eccentric workout). The harder you pull, the harder the discs will spin and eventually pull back.

Join the professionals and train like a professional.


Handy Gym is a patented inertial training device, the technology is based on the same physical principal that makes a yo-yo turn back once its rope is totally unrolled.

Using Handy Gym for training is very effective. The spins of two removable discs generate a resistance of up to 220 Lbs., fixed on a horizontal metal axle that generates the internal spin of the conic pulley. The main body is made by high quality and high resistance plastic material.

Handy Gym is safe to use, you won’t need to worry about accidents. It is made with a safety button to its handle, to one of the anchoring systems included or to the portable platform for squats. The pulling rope is regulated through a patented rope regulator and counts with a safety spacer to reduce accidental impacts on the machine.

All you have to do is get Handy Gym and train in a safe and effective manner.

This is what you should know about Inertial Technology and eccentric training

Inertial technology applied to training allows the best eccentric training. But what is eccentric training and why is it so profitable? First, resistance training and generally every weightlifting exercise, involves two types of movements, concentric and eccentric. Concentric movement is when the muscle shortens while producing force (contracting the muscle). This happens when you are raising the weight during a biceps curl, for example. Eccentric movement is when the muscle lengthens while producing force. For example, when you are lowering the weight back down during a biceps curl. Both movements are said to lead to increased hypertrophy and muscle mass, however lots of studies have been made on benefits of eccentric training and evidence suggests that eccentric training promotes muscle mass more than concentric.


Main benefits of inertial and eccentric training: Hypertrophy, Strength and Power Development, here’s some results of the main bibliography about eccentric training:

  • Higher muscular forces produced compared to concentric training (Roig et al., 2009)
  • Lower metabolic cost of work (Roig et al., 2009a).
  • Lower metabolic cost of work (Roig et al., 2009a).
  • More effective at increasing total and eccentric strength (Roig et al., 2009a).
  • More effective at increasing muscle mass (Norrbrand, Pozzo, & Tesch, 2010; Roig et
    al., 2009a).
  • Superior adaptations in strength, muscle mass, and power possibly mediated by the
    higher forces developed during this type of exercise (LaStayo et al., 2003; Roig et al.,
  • Improved adaptations associated with increasing the muscle’s ability to generate fast, explosive movements (Friedmann-Bette et al., 2010; Hortobagyi et al., 1996;
    Hortobagyi et al., 2000; Mayhew et al., 1995).


The choice of professionals


Less than 2 Lbs.


Lift up to 220 Lbs.


7.8” x 5.5” x 4.3”


Discs spin generates resistance

Easy to use

Handy Gym™ is designed for every level of user

Full body training

With Handy Gym™ you won’t need any other training device, it is the smallest gym in world and your best friend when working out.

Muscle toning

Handy Gym™ will be your best ally if you are looking for the best muscle tone, it is easy to use, wherever, whenever and with the best performances.

Weight Loss

Handy Gym™ is a safe and effective training device that will be your best friend on the path of becoming the best version of yourself

Body Strengthening

Get stronger and your muscles rocky hard by training your full body with Handy Gym™

Injury Prevention

The eccentric phase of training is controlled and progressive, so the risk of muscle, joint or ligaments injures is extremely lower than traditional training (weightlifting, gym machines, elastic bands, etc.).

How to use Handy Gym™

With Handy Gym, you can train all the muscles of your body by selecting the right accessory. Training with Handy Gym™ is easy.

Pull the rope using one of the included accessories, and then, once you have stopped pulling, resist the power generated by the inertia of the machine when pulling back the rope. Thanks to the full range of accessories and anchoring included, you can go through a complete workout wherever and whenever you want.

Handy Gym™ comes with a complete user manual and an App to let you obtain the best from your training.

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Different Fitness Levels

Handy Gym™ Dynamic comes with a set of three pairs of discs, yellow, blue and red discs. You can train using the same set of disc color or by combining them, so you have six levels of resistance up to 110 Lbs. (with two red discs). By using the pulley, attaching it to the rope and the D-ring, you can double the resistance of each combination of discs, so finally you can choose among eighteen different levels of resistance when training with Handy Gym™.

Yellow Disc



Lbin2* Inertia per disc

Blue Disc



Lbin2* Inertia per disc

Red Disc



Lbin2* Inertia per disc